1. IT workshop conducted for teachers on 5th April 2022 by the IT department of the school
2. Workshop for teachers on NEP-2020 conducted on 4 th April 2022 by orient Blackswan which included various aspects like 21st century skills, Experential learning multiple intelligences etc.
3. Disaster Management workshop on 25th October by Mr. Manoj.
4. A workshop on Toy Pedagogy was conducted by the Principal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mrs. Geethanjali Sunil on 19th October.
5. A training session was organized on 27th October on child psychology and moulding generation in the post pandemic era by Mr. Philp Chakkathra, Psychologist and transformational coach
6. CBSE workshop NEP 2020 a Capacity building programme conducted on 28th January 2023.
7. A sensitization programme on Financial literacy and use of Digital tools was conducted on 7 th February by the CBSE resource reason Mr. Suderan K.J.
8. In addition to this all teachers attended various online webinars.
9. Mathematics workshop organized by Orient Blackswan on 30th August 2022 was attended by the following teachers : Mini A P, Jesitha, Reeshma , Navya T, Navya M, Leena M, Sreejith P, Seema C and Nikesh K P.
10. An English Workshop on Gamification,Story telling as Pedagogy and competency based teaching was conducted at Mount Guide International school,Thalassery by Ms Mridhula M R,Ms Nihitha,and Vineetha Chandran attended the workshop.
11. Workshop by Mr Sebin Varghese on NEP was conducted on 8th April 2022.The following teachers attended the workshop :Ms Nihitha, Ms Jishna, Ms Vineetha, Ms Jayapradha C and Ms Shanthi M C.
12. All India Conference for science teachers conducted at Bhavans Vidya Mandir Elamakkara on the topic ‘A Teachers Journey on the Nature of Science’ was attended by few of our science teachers.
13.Two days workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Experential Learning for teachers organized by CBSE Centre of Excellence Thiruvananthapuram conducted at Marygiri English Medium School,Sreekandapuram was attended by Ms Beeena Vinod,TGT Chemistry.
14.Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity in Schools, conducted at M P International School Kasaragod was attended by our school counsellor Sindhu P C.
15.A Capacity Building Programme on English Language and literature conducted at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannur was attended by Ms Bindu M P
16.A Workshop on Instructional Strategies Recipes for Facilitators conducted by Next Education at S N Vidya Mandir Kannur was attended by the following teachers: Ms Sheena Krishnan, Ms Susheendra,M s Mini A P and Ms Shanthi M C
17.Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classroom conducted at Ursuline Senior Secondary School, Kannur was attended by Ms Sandhya N K.
18.Workshop on ‘Health and Wellbeing in schools’ conducted at thunchathacharya school,Kannur
19. Workshop on ‘Health and Wellbeing in schools’ conducted at M P International School, Kasaragod.
20.Ms Jisha Janardhanan attended two days prospective resource person programme on Chemistry held at Kulapati Munshi Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir,Pottore,Thrissur.
She also attended the All Indian Conference for Science Teachers(DISHA) organized by Bhavan’s Research and Development Centre.