Kindergarden Checked Shorts and Cream Shirt.
Std I-IV Light blue shirt with half sleeves and one pocket and navy blue shorts.
Std V-XII Light blue shirt with half sleeves and one pocket and navy blue pants.

  • Light blue - 3to4" loose.
  • Sleeves to be 2" above the elbow.
  • The badge is to be stiched on the pocket on the left
Pants Pants must be stiched with two front pleats and side pockets. The pant must be 3-4" loose. low waist and tight pants are not allowed.
Kindergarden Checked Skirts and Cream blouse.
Std I-VII Navy blue pinafore with box pleats and V-neck. Light blue blouse with half sleeves shirt collar, The school badge should be stiched on the left hand side of the pinafore just below the shoulder, Black ribbons.
Std VIII-XII Navy blue salwar, Light blue kameez and Navy blue duppatta.
The neck of the kameez must be round with no buttons or zip. There should be no slits at the sides. Kameez should be 1ยฝ - 2 " loose (not body shape) and the length of the kameez should be 1" below the knee.
School badges should be stiched on the dupatta on the left side . Dupatta should be of proper length

No jewellery should be worn, except a tiny ear stud. Bindis are not allowed.

Boys & Girls Black shoes and navy blue socks
Full uniform is compulsory on all working days, functions and celebrations.