"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do."
In the days we live in today, it is clear to see education as the privilege that is it. The pandemic has changed our tried and tested methods, making it more of a challenge for teachers and students. And yet, our pursuit is the same, the realisation of academic excellence. An education is not just an accumulation of knowledge or facts, it is also guidance on how one can live, a compass that we can apply to our individual realities. Therefore we at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan act as a catalyst so that every child receives a strong set of core values that can help in determining how they learn and experience the world in later years.
Improving the resilience and self-awareness of children is one of my most important concerns. When we teach, we attempt to empower students to articulate their own thoughts and act with dignity and integrity. We teach to prepare our students for the world, focusing on realising the true potential of those under our care. I sincerely hope that my time here will create tangible memories that you can reminisce about later in life.

Mrs. Geethanjali Sunil


Vedamithra XII E

As the Head Girl of our esteemed school,I encourage each and everyone to prioritize your studies because education is the key to potential and shaping our future.But that doesn’t mean you don’t participate in the extra curricular activities of school.I urge you to participate because the activities also help to bring out the potential in you.Let us also remember the importance of teamwork and collaboration.Ibelive everyone will support and encourage one another and we will walk hand in hand this academic year, one filled with achievement and cherished memories.Believe,”Success is not achieved overnight,but through consistent effort and perseverance.
With gratitude and excitement

Rohit Anand XII D

Our school is the starting foundation of our future embarkments. Whatever we do, we become and we achieve later on in life,all of it begin here.As we step into a new phase of our educational journey,I,as the Headboy of this esteemed institution,urge you all to embrace the spirit of unity and collaboration.We the Bhavans family is a diverse community,each with unique talents and perspectives. I will try my level best in contributing my part to create a harmonious environment that boosters discipline,responsibility growth and understanding.We will be facing numerous problems and obstacles in our school life and I promise to help you all in solving them.I would like to remind every one about our vision,help students build on their strength,nuture their talents and explore all possibilities.Never forget the power of dreams, believe in yourself and set your goals high and always remember failure is not the end,but an opportunity to learn and prosper.Dreams become a reality when you have the courage to pursue them.Let us embark on this new academic year with enthusiasm and determination.Our school has a rich legacy,it is now our responsibility to carry it with pride and honour.Together we can achieve excellence and beautiful memories.
Jai Hind!