Sri. P. Sudhakaran

โ€œEducation does not change the world, Education changes people, People change the world.โ€

To my mind the task of moulding our children into socially responsible citizens of a world where the reigning deities are consumerism and materialism is a challenging and onerous one. The inherent values that school education inculcates in a child should be coupled with a scientific temperament and liberal outlook. Learning to be sensitive and humane, learning to care and share, learning to respect anotherโ€™s opinion and values โ”€ these will continue to be the bedrock of the educational system. A holistic education that encourages children to explore their interests and passion, that encourages them to introspect and to build strong bonds with the environment and the myriad of other forms of life on this planet is the key to futuristic human development. It is imperative that children develop life skills that will enable them to look after their basic needs and at the same time be mindful of their commitment towards society as a whole. Accountability and responsibility as a global citizen is an attitude that must be nurtured in children to enable them to play a significant role in the complex world they live in.