Seminars and Workshops conducted for students

An Awareness Session on The Importance of Digital Safety and Security was conducted at school for parents of students Classes VI - VIII. The session was conducted by the Kannur City Coordinator of D, DAD Centre , Miss Sudheeshna N.*D,DAD Team was presented by a momento by the Chairman of the Vidyalaya Sri Sudhakaran and Honorary Secretary Sri Naveen Lakshmanan.

The Health and Wellness Club of our school conducted a session on Feminine Hygiene for female students of classes 6-12, on 4th August, in the school auditorium

The school conducted a field trip for the students of class VIII to the paddy fields in Munderi and on the way children visited Munderi Bird Santuary.

A Session on Mastering mind and Memory was conducted today by Dr.AV Swaminathan for students of classes IX& XI.

A session on 21st Century Parenting was organized on 13th January 2024 in the school

Our students had the privilege of visiting and participating in the ' Samvada' programme organised by the Kerala High Court on 17 January 2024.

Members of Indian Dental Associations ,North Malabar branch organized a session for the students as a part of the Samrakshan program on National Girl Child day.Dr.Faizal led the session.

As a part of observing Safer Internet Day, a pledge on Ensuring a Safe Online Environment was taken by the students in the morning assembly.

The Memory Mastery Workshop held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 06.02. 2024 ( Tuesday) was aimed at equipping students with effective memory techniques to enhance their learning and academic performance. The programme was led by Ms Amrita Ramakrishnan, a social worker and human resource professional. An effective web classroom was conducted and was led by Ms. Abida Shaikh , a memory Coach and NLP trainer that covered various strategies and exercises designed to improve students' memory retention, recall, and overall cognitive abilities.

As a part of the observance of the National Road Safety Month, Road safety and traffic awareness class was conducted for the students of class VIII. Mr. Shaheesh ,Child friendly police officer, inaugurated the session.Mr Bindu Raj Sub Inspector of Police conducted the session.He enlightened the students on the importance of following traffic rules.Various safety measures to be taken in different situations were also discussed. Mr.Sunoj Kumar ,Children and Police Coordinator, was also present on the occasion.